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Xapá Club

Thinking was produced in summer seasons and has as main axis, present
the best attractions of the E-Music, Rock and Pop

Estrada Guarujá - Bertioga, 1985 - Km 6,5 - Guarujá
22:00 - 04:00
Opening hours

Opened in December 2012, the xapa Club came up with the proposal to be the largest nightclub in Guarujá and receive big names in electronic music, pop and rock, as well as international attractions. The four rooms totaling 10,000 m² and feature 48 staterooms bar, stage, infirmary, and parking structure complete with 130 employees to receive up to 4,000 people. The bars offer water, beer, soft drinks and various spirits to accompany each show. The program includes DJs Vee Brondi and Marcelo Sá, Mandraks the pairs Luthier and Rubens Gatteli, KickStart, Fracalanza Angelo, Gil Rodrigues and Raphael Iserhard international and Weekend Heroes.

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Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events
Information and prices
Opening hoursMinimum ageEntrance priceWardrobe prices
Monday22.00 — 04.0018 yearsNot availableNot available
Tuesday22.00 — 04.0018 yearsNot availableNot available
Wednesday22.00 — 04.0018 yearsNot availableNot available
Thursday22.00 — 04.0018 yearsNot availableNot available
Friday22.00 — 04.0018 yearsNot availableNot available
Saturday22.00 — 04.0018 yearsNot availableNot available
Sunday22.00 — 04.0018 yearsNot availableNot available
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